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:icondsa09: welcome to my :gallery: hope u like it


leucocito dibujo by DSA09
leucocito dibujo
tenía que hacer un comic acerca del sistema inmunológico y ya olvidé quien era este tipín, creo que era una célula killer...
myself in a cartoon way by DSA09
myself in a cartoon way
lol i drew myself 2 years ago XD it is interesting to do this kind of things
Crash Bandicoot My idea of elemental masks by DSA09
Crash Bandicoot My idea of elemental masks
I love the Wrath of Cortex game,... ok just the idea and the characters but not at all the game itself, i was like OMG i wanna invent something. When i was 17 invented this, because i love the idea of elements and crash bandicoot game because is my favorite game from my childhood

You already know about those 4 masks
Wa-Wa: the magic mask of water
Rok-ko: the magic maks of earth
Lo-lo: the magic mask of air
Py-ro the magic mask of fire

 The classic masks of the four ancient elements, i always like that idea about 4 elements that form everything (of course this is impossible) so i decided like ok... add some other elements, so in that way, all those elements are part of the Nature!
You also know about this 2 guys

Uka-Uka: the magic mask of darkness,(besides black magic) for me darkness is not related to evil, is just another element, but ok... this looks so well because is like classic
Aku-Aku:the magic mask of light, (besides white magic), also light for me is not neccesary to be related to goodness.. but ok that is also like classic it looks well

And then it was like ok... what else you can do, that sounds logical, other elements that are in the nature, about nature no feelings no human things, NATURE

Ful-si: the magic mask of lightning/electricity, this was my first mask i invented, i do not remember which language i chose for His name, but i like the design, I tried to make it look like it is part of the other 6 masks
Me-tak: the magic mask of metals, actually his name... i think i could be more original hehe, metals are different because they have different properties from other minerals
Ani-ma: the magic mask of Animals (i know i am not so original!!) this is a more complex element, but this is part of nature too, and i think it could be cool to add this mask, to have the power of all the animals and their abilites,
Flo-ra: the magic mask of plants (ok i know i am not so good with names), another complex element, but you know plants are also important in nature, also She can control mushrooms...
and then i imagined how Crunch Bandicoot would look using this last four elements?

remember these are ancient masks, there are other nature new things we have discovered but it is not neccesary to add

Daniels Bandicoot and Crunch Bandicoot Crunch, Daniels bandicoot
All the characters i decided to put Ff-bandicoot-character sketches
Anthro Aztec Jaguar II by DSA09
Anthro Aztec Jaguar II
day of the deaths is coming... i would like to draw something about that
also... i would love to see the movie "the book of life"


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